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Are you a writer? Are you a FictionPress addict? Either or both, you are very welcome to this community of FictionPress LJ users. We’re all about getting reviews the art of writing. Ideally, we help each other improve certain aspects of out craft, but we also like to goof around. Do you have problems creating a plot? Can’t think of good character names? Need fresh eyes to scan your fic for typos before uploading it? You came to the right place.

We must stress that our discussions are not limited to the subject of FictionPress.com or writing. You are free to open any topic of conversation, as long as it is intelligible and inoffensive.

R   U   L   E   S

Yes, we have rules, too. We suggest that you adhere by them, else risk expulsion from our ranks.

(1) Avoid excessive plugging of your fic. We all know what 'excessive' means, don't we?

(2) You are all free to express your opinions, but let’s try to be mature and refrain from personal attacks.

(3) DoN’t tYpE LyK Dis. As a writer, you should be adept at the English language.

(4) If you are going to post a fic (chapter, poem, etc) put it under an LJ-cut tag. Don’t know how? Read this.

(5) Refrain from irrelevant, harmful, or unconstructive posts. Since this is a writing community, what you have to say should be constructive and relevant to writing or Fictionpress.com. Spammers will not be tolerated and such posts will be deleted without warning. Out of respect for your writing, we (the maintainers) will rarely feel the need to delete posts, but we still reserve the right to do so.

(6) Every now and then, we will be initiating writing activities/exercises. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate, either by submitting a story or by crtiquing the submissions. If you desire to attract readers, joining these activities would be the best method of showcasing your skill as a writer.

(7) We used to require new members to post introductory posts, but we eventually tired of the listless queue of introductions, introductions, and more introductions. NO MORE. Just join the community, lurk around, and post something when you feel like it.

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