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Looking for any future feedback...

I am a veteran fanfic writer, who decided to take a giant step into FP land. I know I'm getting some readership on my story, but, I don't know if these people would leave any comments in any of the coming months. It's ok if they don't want to.

This story is in the manga category and I must be the only writer, who writes this in mind of it being a manga. Everyone else writes their stories like stories (or anime episodes?). I write it as a mangaka without drawing it or toning it. I don't know if readers would see it or not like that, but that's my whole purpose of writing the story that way. I am also not using Japanese names because my story does not take place in the land of the rising sun. Mangas do not always have to take place in Japan, as people would sadly think it's cool to have it that way. I grew up long out of that phase. =.= I feel the West has been underrated and deserves some spotlight instead of adding a honorific at the end of everyone's names.

Hence, as I am writing it as a mangaka, the story is going to take some time to reach certain important parts, but I'll try hard to avoid complete fillers in some of the chapters.

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure mixed in with character development, some drama, some mystery, a lot of secrets, reviving lost memories, and some battles between good and evil. And hey, a rebellion as the title hints of "revolution".
Title: NeveRevolution
Stupidly forgot to put down the Rating: K+ (to around PG-13ish?)
Summary: For most of his life, Ken was always pushing others away due to special circumstances that he can‘t explain, himself. That is until this particular day when he learns of his ties to a famous novel…

Appreciate any future visits from anyone! ^_^ 


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Apr. 6th, 2010 12:17 am (UTC)
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